Speaker Shekarchi statement on the resignation

of Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott


Below a statement from Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi on the resignation of Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott:


“Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott has led Rhode Island’s Department of Health through unimaginably trying times, and I am grateful for her thoughtful, pragmatic leadership. She has been a steadfast and trusted resource for all of us.

“While the pandemic is far from over, Dr. Alexander-Scott has set forth the framework to ensure that our state is on the path to recovery. I talked to her this morning and expressed my gratitude for her great work throughout the pandemic. I encouraged her to stay.

“In addition to her exceptional work during this crisis, Dr. Alexander-Scott has been steadfast in her advocacy to eliminate health disparities that disproportionally impact some of our communities.

“Dr. Alexander-Scott has led our state with compassion, confidence and dignity. She has been a calming influence, and Rhode Island is a healthier place because of her. I wish her the very best in her future endeavors.”