Ruggerio introduces legislation to require all Rhode Island’s electricity be generated from renewable energy sources


STATE HOUSE, Providence – Building on last year’s enactment of the historic Act on Climate, Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio this week reintroduced legislation to formalize and accelerate Rhode Island’s commitment to a renewable energy future.


President Ruggerio’s bill would require that 100 percent of all electricity sold in Rhode Island be generated from renewable sources by 2030. The Senate approved similar legislation introduced by President Ruggerio during the 2021 session.


“Here in the Ocean State, we know that action to address the climate crisis cannot wait. Rhode Islanders are already feeling the effects of climate change, and the risks facing our communities will grow increasingly dire in the years ahead,” President Ruggerio said. “This legislation sets out a bold but achievable goal and builds on the historic progress we made in 2021 through the Act on Climate. It will keep Rhode Island, home to the nation’s first offshore wind farm, on the forefront of renewable energy innovation. And it will help us harness the power of clean energy as a driver of economic growth and opportunity.”


Current state law requires annual 1.5 percentage point increases in the amount of electricity required to be generated from renewable sources through 2035. President Ruggerio’s legislation would accelerate those increases, and go further, to achieve a 100 percent Renewable Energy Standard in 2030. The legislation increases the rate of increase as follows:


  • 4 percent increase in 2022,
  • 5 percent increase in 2023,
  • 6 percent increase in 2024,
  • 11 percent increase in 2025, 2026, and 2027, and
  • 11.5 percent increase in 2028, 2029, and 2030.


The legislation (2022-S 2274), which has been referred to the Senate Committee on Commerce, is cosponsored by Senate Majority Leader Michael J. McCaffrey (D-Dist. 29, Warwick), Senate Majority Whip Maryellen Goodwin (D-Dist. 1, Providence), Sen. Dawn Euer (D-Dist. 13, Newport, Jamestown), Sen. Meghan E. Kallman (D-Dist. 15, Pawtucket, North Providence), Sen. Alana DiMario (D-Dist. 36, Narragansett, North Kingstown), Sen. Hanna M. Gallo (D-Dist. 27, Cranston, West Warwick), Sen. Joshua Miller (D-Dist. 28, Cranston, Providence), Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski (D-Dist. 37, South Kingstown, New Shoreham), and Sen. Walter S. Felag Jr. (D-Dist. 10, Warren, Bristol, Tiverton).