True Identity of King Jace XXVII Revealed

(Woonsocket)—The Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts is pleased to announce the true identity of the man playing King Jace XXVII, the Mysterious Monarch of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras is Dan Gendron, Woonsocket City Councilor and its current president.

  After taking publicity photos all around the city and guesting on the morning programs of Woonsocket’s two local radio stations, King Jace’s final stop in anonymity was the Woonsocket Mardi Gras’ Queen Coronation Event held at Savini’s Pomodoro Restaurant to witness the crowning of Deseree’ Archambault as the Woonsocket Mardi Gras Queen and Princesses Stephanie Santoro and Tabitha Westerhaus.   Then, the first official duty of Queen Deseree’ was to unmask King Jace before the large crowd of onlookers. 

  “I was pleased to be asked and honored to serve, and looking forward to a great year as Woonsocket’s King Jace.”  The city council member of 13 years added, “I hope to see you all at the Mardi Gras Ball at St. Ann’s on Saturday the 26th!”       

    Here’s an explanation of the Ten Clues which were used by citizens to guess the true identity of King Jace:

Clue 1.  Is Fully Vaxxed.  Dan is fully vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19.


Clue 2.  Hates Liver, Snow, and Rap.  Dan dislikes eating liver in any form, shoveling snow, and rap music.


Clue 3.  Loves Steak, TV, and his Queens and Princesses.  One of Dan’s favorite foods is steak, he enjoys watching television with the family, and he of course loves his Life Queen, wife Ann-Marie, his Mardi Gras Queen, and his Princesses would be daughter Victoria and the two Mardi Gras Princesses.  Dan also is a big fan of the band Queen.


Clue 4.  Is not a fan.  Dan just doesn’t care much about professional sports.


Clue 5.  Is an educated man.  Supplementing his Woonsocket High School diploma with degrees from CCRI and Johnson & Wales University.


Clue 6.  Has many siblings.  4 sisters and 2 brothers.


Clue 7.  Is a friendly guy.  Alludes to the fact that Dan works at The Friendly Home in Woonsocket.


Clue 8.  Quotes only himself.  Dan is not one who spouts the quotes of others, yet many times what he says is quoted in the press because of his job as a city councilor.


Clue 9.  Leads those who lead others.  This clue alludes to Dan being the President of the Woonsocket City Council.


Clue 10.  Is Woonsocket born and raised.  No explanation is needed for this clue.

  Both Dan, in his King’s robes but not in his disguise, and Queen Deseree’ along with Princesses Stephanie and Tabitha will reign over the Woonsocket Mardi Gras Ball this coming Saturday the 26th at the Saint Anne Arts and Cultural Center on Cumberland Street in Woonsocket and will also ride as featured guests in the 2022 Autumnfest Parade this fall. 

  The Mardi Gras Ball is completely sold out.