Rep. Cardillo introduces legislation that would remove fee for new license plates


STATE HOUSE — Rep. Edward T. Cardillo Jr. (D-Dist. 42, Johnston, Cranston) has introduced legislation (2022-H 8118) that would remove an $8 fee for vehicle owners that acquire a newly redesigned license plate.

Gov. Dan McKee unveiled the new plate design during a press conference on Wednesday. Motorists will be required to replace their current plates for an $8 fee when they renew their registrations with the Division of Motor Vehicles within the next two years. The rollout is expected to begin this summer.

“License plates don’t last forever, and we’ve had the same plates since 1996,” said Representative Cardillo. “While I don’t object to a fee to replace damaged plates, it seems unreasonable to tack on a fee for a plate redesign when car owners are already paying registration fees every two years — especially when the state is mandating that the plates be replaced.”