House passes Rep. Alzate’s bill allowing happy hours


            STATE HOUSE – Rep. Karen Alzate’s legislation (2022-H 7060A) which would allow happy hour drink specials to be served in conjunction with food prepared on the premises passed the House of Representatives today.

            “With our hospitality industry still recovering from the economic damage caused by COVID-19, this bill will give these small businesses another way to bring customers back to their establishments and make up for the lost income and wages suffered during the pandemic,” said Representative Alzate (D-Dist. 60, Pawtucket).

            The legislation would allow happy hour drink specials to be served as part of a transaction that includes the purchase of a food item.  Food items are defined as any food product prepared on the premises which is included on the establishment's menu or included in the daily specials as either an appetizer or entrée item.

            Snacks, such as pretzels, popcorn, chips, or similar food products commonly eaten between regular meals do not meet the definition of a food item.

            Advertisements or promotions for happy hours would be permitted as long as the advertisement or promotion specifically mentions the requirement that a food item must be included in the transaction for the happy hour special to apply.

            The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.