Office of the Mayor


Property Tax Bills In The Mail With Due Date Extension

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt today announced that property tax bills for the City of Woonsockets Fiscal Year 2023 will be mailed by Tuesday August 30th, and that the due date for the first quarters payment has been extended to Monday, September 12th with a 10-day payment grace period. Due dates for the subsequent quarters will be October 15, 2022, January 15,2023, and April 15, 2023.

The Mayor indicated that property tax bills were delayed for several reasons including the City Councils tabling of a vote on the Fiscal year 2023 Budget from the June 6th City Council Meeting until the June 20th meeting, the Mayor vetoing the Councils Budget because it contained nearly $500,000 of property taxes over and above the Mayors Proposed Budget, the Council overturning the Mayors veto at the July 11th City Council Meeting, thus maintaining the higher property taxes, and then some continuing issues with Vision Government Solutionsnew software upgrade.

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt stated, "I apologize to our taxpayers for the delayed property tax bills, but the City Council voted on the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget later than anticipated, and when their Budget included property taxes that were nearly $500,000 higher than what my Administration proposed, I felt strongly that I needed to veto their budget, though I knew that my veto would further delay the mailing of the tax bills. I remain steadfastly opposed to the Councils actions to raise Fiscal Year 2023 property taxes by approximately $500,000, especially since so many of our taxpayers have experienced negative economic consequences from the pandemic, and given the fact that we could have used ARPA grant funds to cover the additional budgeted cost items."