There will be 12 challenges as we celebrate the 12 days of a green Christmas.

Join daily to learn many ways you can be greener this holiday.


CHALLENGE DAY #12 -- Stay GREEN in the New Year.

This is our final challenge, but a big one that will continue to make a difference in the coming year.


This Says It Best . . .

Volunteers Are A Gift To Our Communities

KBVB is so thankful for all our volunteers, our returning friends and the many new ones that we had the chance to work with this past year.


See you again in 2023! We look forward to continue green efforts in our communities and welcome new volunteers to join our team.


Volunteer with KBVB - See how you can get involved.


Thinking Resolutions for 2023?


Maybe add a new "green" habit or change to your list.


These are super easy, so don't just stop at one resolution, try to add them all.



See the Great Outdoors

Playing, visiting and enjoying being outside is the first step to build love of nature and our environment.


While doing this, if you see something awe-inspiring, take an image and share on our KBVB facebook page. We want to see it too.


Get Rid of Plastic Bottles for Good

For those who know me, know this is something I hope everyone will do. No more plastic water bottles--please.


And to scare you into making this change, did you realize plastic water bottles have 3 times more microplastics in them than if you used tap water? I learned this information at the URI Microplastic Conference in October from our scientists.


Spare the Air -- Minimize Using Your Car

Walk, ride your bike, or take the train, or carpool when possible.


We have the awesome Blackstone River Bikeway with on-road & off-road connections that can take you from North Smithfield to India Point in Providence, and then connects to the East Bay Bike Path.


And coming soon is the new train station in Pawtucket - Central Falls offering service into Boston & Providence.


No Plastic Bags / Wrap in Curbside Recycling

Let's get this right in 2023. KBVB America Recycles Day Message


Reduce Your Trash Amounts

Recycling will greatly help. Or start a compost pile. And of course take advantage of the many RI diversion programs that are offered. We can divert clothing, e-waste, household hazardous waste, yard waste and more. See the listing below. You will see your weekly trash amounts significantly shrink.

Questions? Give a call 401-724-2200 or visit Divert Waste in RI.


We want you to take all 12 challenges.

Here are the previous ones in case you missed them.


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Challenge Day #6 - Boxes, Paper & Cards - Recycle Them All

Challenge Day #7 - Recycle Metal Cans, Lids & Foil

Challenge Day #8 - Don't Put Styrofoam in Recycling

Challenge Day #9 - Don't Be Too Busy to Care for the Environment...

Challenge Day #10 -Electronics Can Be Recycled @ Drop Off Events

Challenge Day #11 -Compost or Recycle Your Christmas Tree



Follow these daily challenge ideas and you'll be off

on the green path to help save our environment.


I will try to be more green in 2023.


Yes, I do many green habits, and of course will continue .




Yes, I learned some new green ideas I can't wait to try.




Yes, and I will encourage my friends/family to also try these.




No, not at this time.




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beautify the Blackstone Valley.