Woonsocket, RI – The 2023 Autumnfest Steering Committee has been officially approved by the Autumnfest Board of Sponsors.  The board consists of Woonsocket City Councilor and Chairperson Garrett Mancieri, Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, Woonsocket City Council President Christopher Beauchamp, and Blackstone Valley Tourism President Bob Billington.


Judy Sullivan, Autumnfest General Chairperson said, “Congratulations to the 2023 Autumnfest Steering Committee.  Our 24 members bring different strengths, talents and visions.  But, the one thing we have in common is the love for our community.  We can’t wait to celebrate the 45th Autumnfest and see your smiling faces.”


Here is the 2023 Autumnfest Steering Committee:


General Chairperson is Judy Sullivan.  This will be her 6th year with Autumnfest and her 2nd year as General Chairperson.  Judy is the owner of The Gym, LLC located at the Northern RI Boys & Girls Club in Woonsocket.


Co-Vice Chairperson & Fundraising Coordinator is Stephanie Santoro.  She begins her 9th year with Autumnfest.  This will be Stephanie’s 3rd year as Co-Vice Chairperson.  Stephanie is Manager, Specialty Products and Services with Blue Cross / Blue Shield of RI.


Co-Vice Chairperson & Entertainment Coordinator is Steve Laramee.  This is his 1st year as Co-Vice Chairperson.  He enters his 5th year with Autumnfest.  He is the Director of Facilities at UniBank for Savings.


Treasurer is Cindy Johnston. She begins her 5th year with Autumnfest.  This will be her 3rd year as Treasurer.  Cindy is the Deputy Finance Director/Controller for the City of Woonsocket.


Secretary is Adam Brunetti.  He begins his 4th year with Autumnfest.  This will be his 3rd year as Secretary.  He is also the Autumnfest Website Coordinator.  Adam is a Production Manager with Advanced Production & Design.


Media/PR Coordinator is Joe Callahan.  This is his 10th year with Autumnfest.  Joe writes the Press Releases for Autumnfest and interacts with the media.  He introduces the entertainment from the Main Stage. Joe is an Account Executive with WOON Radio.


Button Coordinator is Lisa Carcifero.  Lisa enters her 4th year with Autumnfest.  Lisa is the Executive Director of the Woonsocket Prevention Coalition d/b/a Blackstone Valley Prevention Coalition and General Chairperson of the Milk Fund appeal.


Exhibitor Showcase Coordinator is Donna Coderre.  This is Donna’s 4th year with Autumnfest.  Donna is Principal at the Leo Savoie Elementary School in Woonsocket.


Sports & Fitness Coordinator is Ellis Cooper.  This will be Ellis’ 1st year with Autumnfest.  Ellis is the Director of Operations with the Boys & Girls Club of Northern Rhode Island.


Vendor Coordinator is Jennifer Cunanan.  This will be Jennifer’s 3rd year with Autumnfest.  She is a Registered Nurse at Rhode Island Hospital.


Volunteer Coordinator is Alethea (Lee) Forcier.  This is Lee’s 2nd year with Autumnfest.  She is a Master Stylist with Secret Beauty Spa.


Digital Arts Coordinator is Tim Forcier.  This will be Tim’s 2nd year with Autumnfest.  He is a Maintenance Service Manager with Equity Residential Apartments.


Community Outreach Coordinator is Herson Gonzalez.  This is Herson’s 1st year with Autumnfest.  He is the pastor with VIDA Church in Woonsocket.


Parade Coordinator is Tom Gray.  Tom begins his 10th year with Autumnfest. He is employed with BJ’s Wholesale Club.


Souvenir Coordinator is Cynthia Henderson.  Cynthia begins her 5th year with Autumnfest.  She is a Deployment Manager at OnProcess Technology in Ashland, MA.


Park Management Coordinator is Susan Kirwan.  Sue begins her 6th year with Autumnfest.  She is employed by Brady Sullivan Properties in Warren, RI.


Operations Coordinator is Dave Lamoureux.  This will be Dave’s 15th year with Autumnfest.  He is employed by Community Care Alliance.


KidsFest Coordinator is Matt Lamoureux.  Matt begins his 4th year with Autumnfest.  He is a Marine Sales Outfitter with Bass Pro Shops.


Food Row Coordinator is Julie Larivee.  This is Julie’s 2nd year with Autumnfest.  She is employed with Coastal 1 Credit Union.


Events Coordinator is Tracy Martin.  This is her 2nd year with Autumnfest.  She is a Senior Delivery Manager with IRI Worldwide.


Social Media Coordinator is Kristi Menard.  This is her 1st year with Autumfest.  She is a Grade 8 Special Education Teacher in Shrewsbury, MA.


Assistant Treasurer is Chelsea Russell.  This is Chelsea’s 2nd year with Autumnfest.  She is a Per Diem Registered Nurse.


Calendar Raffle Coordinator is Bill Schneck.  Bill enters his 15th year with Autumnfest.  He is retired.


Park Management Coordinator is Dan Tvaroha.  This is Dan’s 4th year with Autumnfest.  He is a Planogram Manager with Stop and Shop Supermarkets.