October 26, 2017


Good afternoon,


Please find the attached letter to me from Director Bouley. The letter is following up on a discussion we had, explaining and correcting the recent press coverage regarding the City's awarding of Federal CDBG Grant funds. The press release implied that it was new funds and their use was to be used exclusively for subsidized housing. The Director's letter clears up the confusion.




Dan Gendron




N. David Bouley, Director


City of Woonsocket, Rhode Island


City Hall • 169 Main Street • Post Office Box B Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895-4379


October 26, 2017






Honorable Daniel M. Gendron, President Woonsocket City Council

City Hall • 169 Main Street Woonsocket, Rhode Island                                                        02895


Subfect:  Media Publicity  CDBG Program


Dear Council President:


As we discussed, the news accounts of the recent award to the cities of East Providence and Woonsocket from the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development were inaccurate overall and in connection with the types of projects anticipated to be funded with the monies awarded.


As discussed, the recent HUD award was predicated on the recent City Council-approved application under the Community Development Block Grant Program and the funded awarded to the City as an Entitlement Community was awarded in the categories recommended by the Community Development Advisory Committee, the Mayor and approved  by  the  Council.    The  funding  that  was  ultimately  approved  by  HUD  was

$1,674,292, slightly more than was originally anticipated, and only a very small portion of which concerns affordable/subsidized housing ($49,647or 2.96%) through the CHDO portion of the overall grant.


The categories in which these funds are to be allocated are as outlined by  the  City Council and Mayor such as Code Enforcement, Fire Department Apparatus, Commercial Exterior Fa9ade Program, Small Business Loan Program, Museum of Work & Culture and a number of social service programs.   In addition, HUD has provided the City with

$330,974 under the HOME program for assistance to property owners interested in home repair assistance and first-time home-buyers assistance.  Finally, HUD has provided the City with $106,023 in Emergency Services Grant monies to assist with homelessness and emergency housing situations.

Letter to:     Honorable Daniel M. Gendron, President Woonsocket City Council

October 26, 2017

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As you can clearly see from the above-cited examples, the level of this annual funding allocation to the City of Woonsocket that is dedicated to subsidized housing is extremely minimal with the bulk of the funding dedicated to the community development goals of the City.


As always, if you have any questions regarding this or any other matter, or, if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact this office at any time.