BLM RI PAC Statements Following The Decision of Jeann Lugo’s LEOBoR Hearing


Providence, RI: Today, Jeann Lugo, a Providence Police officer and former candidate for RI Senate District 29, received a 10-day suspension following his LEOBoR hearing concerning an altercation at an abortion rights rally at the State House on June 25th, 2022. He will continue to serve as an officer in Providence despite the recommendations of Chief Perez to fire him. 


BLM RI PAC vehemently condemns this decision. After months of public discourse, we believed that Lugo was not fit to serve the City of Providence and that he would be terminated. Previous and current Chiefs of Police and Mayors have had their hands tied in terms of disciplining their officers, enabling distrust between police and the community they serve. 


In the wake of this disastrous decision, we demand the full repeal of LEOBoR! There is currently a reform bill working its way through the House chambers; as it sits, it does nothing to prevent a horrible outcome like this. It’s nothing more than a performative piece of legislation to relieve the constant pressure being placed on lawmakers who are beholden to police union donor dollars. To let an officer who committed such an egregious act keep his job does a disservice to the efforts of Providence Police to commit to “community policing.” The community has spoken; we do not want Officer Lugo on our streets to “protect and serve” us any longer.


BLM RI PAC will be hosting a protest on Friday, April 28th, at 6 pm, in front of the Providence Public Safety Complex, condemning this decision, the continuation of Officer Jean Lugo’s employment with PPD, and the continued dismissal of a LEOBoR Repeal Bill. We implore the community and our local advocacy partners to join us in reminding PPD of their oath to serve Providence and its residents, not rogue tyrants who commit heinous actions on its people.


What: A Protest calling for the Repeal of LEOBoR

When: April 28th, 2023 6:00 pm

Where: Providence Public Safety Complex 325 Washington St, Providence, RI 02903