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Mayor Baldelli-Hunt Details City/RIDOT Collaboration to Repair Deteriorated Manville Road Sections


WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt detailed today that the City of Woonsocket’s Department of Public Works and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) will collaborate on repairing deteriorated sections of Manville Road, including an approximate 600 ft. section between Circle Street and Mount Saint Charles Avenue. The Mayor indicated that most of Manville Road is in good driving shape, and immediately fixing these rough sections will positively impact the local communitiesdriving experience. Repairs are scheduled to begin on Friday, September 8th.

The key feature of the collaboration is that the City’s Highway Division’s in-house paving crew will perform the work on the Manville Road sections, and RIDOT will reimburse the City for all costs associated with the project. RIDOT believes that utilizing the City’s in-house paving crew, the only one in Rhode Island, will allow for faster and more cost-efficient repair.

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt stated, "I want to thank RIDOT Director Peter Alviti for his continued support in maintaining state roads in Woonsocket. My administration has a strong working relationship with RIDOT, and a top priority for both of us is keeping Woonsocket state roads in good condition. The Mayor added, "This project showcases the value of our in-house paving crew and having effective working relationships with State departments. Our ability to do this job quickly and at a reduced cost was a big factor in RIDOT agreeing to move forward this year."

"This is a perfect example of RIDOT and the City working together to bring smoother and safer roads to the public as quickly as possible, and at reduced cost," Director Alviti said. "I’m grateful for the City’s assistance so these parts of Manville Road can be fixed in a timely manner for Woonsocket residents." 

The cost is $175,000. This agreement allows the road to be resurfaced several months earlier than planned so it could be done this fall as opposed to next spring. This agreement also represents an estimated cost savings of $50,000.

Department of Public Works Director Steve D’Agostino stated that the repair would consist of milling and paving the most deteriorated sections of Manville Road. He indicated that he is preparing a cost estimate and work schedule for RIDOT, and the project should commence with millwork on Friday, September 8th. D’Agostino said that the City will notify residents when the roadwork begins.