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Mayor Baldelli-Hunt Reports One MILLION Dollar Sales Milestone Reached from Excavating Gravel in "Them Thar Hills" of Cass Park with Lots More to Come

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt today announced that the City reached a significant milestone of $1,000,000 in sales of gravel, loam, and crushed gravel from excavating land at Cass Park as part of an expansion project that will include a new football field, track, and multiple other improvements.

The Mayor disclosed that over 100,000 yards of material have been sold thus far and estimates that tens of thousands of more yards remain to be excavated and sold. The revenue from the sale of excavated materials will help fund the Cass Park expansion project.

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt exclaimed, "This is great news! Can you imagine that a municipality can sell loam and gravel and generate a million dollars? Director D’Agostino and I believed there was gold in them thar hillsof Cass Park, and reaching the million-dollar sales milestone from excavated materials supports our convictions. It is exciting to see the Cass Park expansion move forward, and it is even better that we are generating so much revenue from excavated materials to help pay for it."

The Mayor praised Public Works Director D’Agostino for recognizing the value of the underground materials at Cass Park and for his expertise and commitment in every aspect of his position, "Director D’Agostino’s forty years of construction experience is invaluable to Woonsocket. Few would have known the value of the underground materials at Cass Park, and the million dollars we have received from our materials excavation adds to the substantial dollars he has already saved our taxpayers." The Mayor added, "I also want to thank the new, current City Council for voting to approve the Cass Park gravel and loam excavation and sale. Because of their support, the project is no longer delayed, and money is now rolling in." 

Public Works Director Steve D’Agostino stated, "Funding a substantial portion of a major construction project with sales of excavated materials has never been done in Woonsocket." D’Agostino also offered," The Mayor deserves credit for taking a chance on something unconventional to achieve impressive results. Her commitment to selling excavated materials is now paying big cash dividends, and there is more revenue to come."