RI State Committeeman District 51 Adam Brunetti formally announces his candidacy for the Woonsocket City Council in the upcoming 2024 Special Election.
     Brunetti, a 30-year lifelong resident of Woonsocket, decided to run in the special election after witnessing the lack of an ability of the prior administration and council to work collaboratively to improve the City. Brunetti recognizes the need for people to serve who can work in the best interest of the City of Woonsocket, rather than any one individual.
     “I am confident that this new administration and council will prove to be a vast improvement over what this city has come to accept as normal” says Adam Brunetti. He goes on to say "It is time to focus on results for the people rather than grandstanding to make council meetings more of a show than real accomplishments."
     Brunetti was elected to the Woonsocket Democratic City Committee in 2018, and served as the organization’s Secretary from 2020 to 2023. During that time, Brunetti worked closely with members of the City Council, the General Assembly, and the Governor’s Office, as well as members of the Rhode Island Delegation to Washington DC to assist in various issues, including Education, Voting Rights, as well as Economic Development. He has shown an ability to work with all elected officials regardless of political affiliations to improve Woonsocket.
     As a City Councilman, Brunetti will be a fresh face that will bring new ideas for Woonsocket. On the campaign trail, he will share that vision as well as remind voters about the establishment politicians that lost control of City finances. He will support legislation to call for a long overdue Charter Commission, would support term limits for all Elected Officials in Woonsocket, strengthen and grow our local small businesses, continue to revitalize the historic downtown Woonsocket area that we all love, and work to build up a more open, honest and transparent City Government. Brunetti is the grandson of former Woonsocket Board of Canvassers Manager Leno Brunetti. Brunetti’s dedication and service for Woonsocket can be seen through his countless volunteer positions throughout the city. Brunetti has served on the Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative since 2015 (Chairman 2021 to present); Autumnfest since 2020 (Secretary 2021 to present), the Woonsocket Democratic City Committee since n2018 (Secretary 2020- 2023), the Rhode Island Department of Education/ Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Continuing Technical Education Board of Trustees Advisory Committee since 2021, and the has been Producer and Production Manager of the Levitt AMP Woonsocket Music Series since its inception in 2018. He holds a degree in Video and Audio
Production, and is the Production Manager at Advanced Production and Design in Quonset.