Last Call (For Now): Come See the Independent Man this Week Before He Departs the State House for Restoration  




PROVIDENCE, RI – Happy New Year from the Independent Man! Governor Dan McKee is encouraging the public to ring in the New Year this week with a visit to the State House to see the Independent Man before he departs the building to undergo an historic restoration. The iconic 14-foot statue will remain inside the main entrance to the State House through Friday, January 5. 


“The Independent Man is not only an iconic symbol of local history, but also a representation of Rhode Island’s spirit,” said Governor Dan McKee. "I encourage members of the public to visit the State House this week, take a selfie with the statute, sign our official guest book and become part of Rhode Island history.” 


Since the statue was brought down last month, people from over 20 states (and Washington, D.C.), more than a dozen countries and almost all of Rhode Island’s 39 cities and towns have stopped by to sign the official guest book and take pictures with the Independent Man. 


The statue was designed by sculptor George Brewster and cast in bronze by the Gorham Manufacturing Company. The Independent Man was originally covered in gold leaf when it was placed atop the State House in 1899. In the mid-1970s, the statue had suffered significant wear, and was removed for repair work. At that time, the remaining gold leaf was removed, and the statue was covered in gold plating. 


As part of the statue’s restoration work, the Independent Man will undergo repairs to the gold plate, before having gold leaf applied on top of that. This will return the statue to its original appearance.