Sens. Raptakis and Tikoian to reintroduce DUI bills on first day of legislative session


            STATE HOUSE – Sens. Leonidas P. Raptakis (D-Dist. 33, Coventry, West Greenwich) and David P. Tikoian (D-Dist. 22, Smithfield, Lincoln, North Providence) will be reintroducing legislation which addresses DUI offenses today during the opening of the 2024 legislative session.

            The following bills from last session will be reintroduced by Senators Raptakis and Tikoian later today:

·                     2023-S 0116, introduced by Senator Raptakis last year, would require that the license plates of a vehicle be confiscated by a police officer if the owner was arrested for driving while their license was suspended, revoked or cancelled for refusing to submit to a chemical test or for operating under the influence. 

·                        2023-S 0119, also introduced by Senator Raptakis last year, would extend the lookback period for repeat offenses involving driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and for repeat offenses related to failure or refusal to submit to chemical tests from five years to ten years.

·                        2023-S 0118, introduced by Senator Tikoian last session, would increase the sentences, fines or both for driving so as to endanger, resulting in death or personal injury. 

            Both Senators note that more bills addressing the serious problem of driving under the influence will be introduced later in the legislative session.