Gendron announces his candidacy for Woonsocket City Council


Today I am announcing my candidacy for the open City Council seat that resulted from the resignation of the former mayor.


Approximately a year ago I was forced to participate in the unfortunate removal hearings of the then mayor.


At the time, I fully recognized the unpopularity and political peril of the removal, especially in regard to the timing of the proceedings. Nevertheless, I was steadfast in adhering to my duties and obligations as prescribed by the Charter, particularly considering the specific charges that were the basis of the removal.


Just one year later, those actions were vindicated, and I have received the encouragement of many people from across the political spectrum, to "put my hat back into the ring".

That, coupled with my deep love and concern for the City I was born and raised in, has led me to answer the call and offer my experience and passion during what can only be described as a difficult and challenging time for the City.

It is with great humility that I seek support for the honor of filling the open seat on the Woonsocket City Council and getting back to work on behalf of the great city of Woonsocket.