When: Monday January 8 22, 29                    

Time: after school 4-4:45pm

Suitable for: Grades 3-5 

Where: Studio Rhode Creation Lab in Woonsocket Harris Public Library


Learn to code a game with Scratch Jr. Using ipads supplied by the library for the duration of the program students will learn the basics of coding to create characters and backgrounds, create a race between characters, make a story, tell knock knock jokes and more. Meet in the childrens room first then go into the  new studio. This is a fun program that will make students laugh and teach how programs are created. For this program, parents will be asked to sign a media release form so that we can take pictures of this new program for promotion. 



Chris Wallace Goldstein
Children's Librarian
Woonsocket Harris Public Library
401-769-9044 ext 2 for children's services