Governor McKee Announces New Annual Record for Rail Car Volume at Quonset


More than 7,000 carloads transported this year at Quonset Business Park 


QUONSET – Governor Dan McKee announced today that Seaview Railroad broke its annual record for rail car volume at Quonset Business Park in 2023 with 7,513 cars transported. The rail cars hauled products shipped from Quonset businesses, products arriving for distribution throughout New England, and shipments to and from the Port of Davisville. Freight hauled by Seaview included automobiles, lumber, and plastic pellets. 


“Seaview Railroad’s record-breaking year is a sign of continued momentum at Quonset Business Park and across the state,” said Governor Dan McKee. “Companies are expanding, increasing revenue, adding jobs, and driving Rhode Island’s economy forward.”  


A legacy of Quonset’s origins as a U.S. Navy base, Seaview Railroad is Rhode Island’s only shortline railroad with 14 miles of track serving Quonset. It provides a cost-effective, convenient option for moving goods and materials both within the Business Park and throughout North America. 


“We’re proud to contribute to the success of Quonset, and Rhode Island as a whole,” said Eric Moffett, President of the Seaview Transportation Company and Railroad. “Our private investments combined with QDC’s investments and support is a formula for success at Quonset with broader implications for Rhode Island – and not just in freight rail.” 


Quonset Business Park is Rhode Island’s leading engine of job creation and economic growth with 229 businesses and more than 13,000 employees. Companies such as Toray Plastics America, NORAD, and BB&S Treated Lumber are served by Seaview’s freight delivery service at Quonset, effectively streamlining their operations. 


“The Seaview Railroad’s all-time record-breaking year has helped Quonset secure its position as the region’s premier destination to start or grow a business,” said Steven J. King, P.E., Managing Director of Quonset Development Corporation. “Seaview’s support in helping businesses grow is critically important to Rhode Island’s economy.”


"As a fellow short line, Providence and Worcester Railroad (P&W) has built a strong and sustainable partnership with Seaview Transportation over the years. The entire P&W team congratulates Seaview and Quonset Development Corporation on their latest milestone and stands ready and well-positioned to jointly develop additional growth opportunities for all parties in the near term," said Ed Foley, P&W's Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Sales. 


"Seaview is planning for continued growth at Quonset," Moffett said. “We look forward to moving even more cargo next year, and expanding our services to make our state a better place for people to live, work and visit,” he added. 


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