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Mayor Beauchamp Appoints Five-Member Commission to Review Woonsocket Home Rule Charter


WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Christopher Beauchamp announced today that he has appointed five residents to the Woonsocket Home Rule Charter Review Commission. Beauchamp expressed that local governments must adapt to changing times and public service needs. He indicated that though the City’s Charter has served Woonsocket well over the years, the time has come to convene a Charter Review Commission to evaluate the current Charter and remove/tighten-up problematic sections or add new sections to make the Charter more relevant and beneficial in the current era.

Appointed to the Charter Review Commission are:

Vincent Bono

Carol Chattman

Thomas Gray

David Nabb

David Lahousse

Mayor Beauchamp stated, "I am pleased to appoint these five outstanding civic leaders to our Charter Review Commission. Each is uniquely qualified to have an impact on updating, streamlining, and strengthening our Charter to make city government more efficient and responsive to our residents."

The Mayor indicated that voter approval is required before any Charter Review Commission’s proposed changes become law and that public involvement is encouraged in the review process.