Rhode Island General Assembly

Office of the House Minority Caucus


Representative Quattrocchi submits legislation that prohibits mandates on vaccinations, masks and testing


State House, Providence – In response to the lessons learned from the detrimental economic, educational and health services related conditions realized by the COVID-19 mandates for testing, masking and vaccinations, Representative Robert Quattrocchi (District 41, Scituate, Cranston) submitted legislation that provides for reasonable exemptions from such practices going forward.


“One of my immediate main concerns at the beginning of the COVID-19 dilemma, was that the cure should not be worse than the disease,” said Representative Quattrocchi. “We can now look back and see that, indeed, the experimental cure was far worse than the disease itself, with startling increases in adverse effects, devastating mental harm to our children, our seniors dying alone and afraid, permanent closures of longstanding businesses, and most importantly, the loss of our constitutionally protected personal liberties at the hands of overbearing and heavy-handed state government. This proposal would simply prohibit the implementation of any mandatory experimental vaccination without consent or coercion, a pillar of the post WWII Nuremburg code. Government should not be preventing people from participating in society."