Rep. Slater introduces Nursing Home Workforce Standards Board Act


STATE HOUSE – Rep. Scott A. Slater has introduced legislation (2024-H 7733) to create the Nursing Home Workforce Standards Board Act to establish and enforce industry-wide quality of care standards in nursing homes.

Representative Slater introduced the legislation at a press conference held today at the State House where he was joined by members of SEIU Local 1199NE.

"Nursing homes and their employees are an integral part of our state’s health care system, but, their ability to deliver the quality care that our residents need and deserve is at risk.  This bill will ensure that our nursing home workers have the resources that they need in order to properly care for and support our loved ones in nursing homes while also being able to provide for themselves and their families,” said Representative Slater (D-Dist. 10, Providence).

The bill would create a 13-member board that would be responsible for:

 ·         Monitoring market conditions, wages, benefits, and working conditions in the nursing home industry;

·         Setting minimum statewide compensation and working standards for  nursing home workers;

         Establishing minimum standards for nursing home worker training programs to ensure the nursing home workers are properly trained and aware of their workplace rights; and

·         Ensuring compliance by employers with the standards set by the board.


The board would review and modify its standards every two years.

The legislation would also allow nursing home workers to initiate a civil action in the District Court against violations of board standards. Such actions can represent a class of similarly situated workers.  Employers found in violation would be liable for full back pay and equal amount as liquidated damages to each affected nursing home worker.

The legislation has been referred to the House Health and Human Services Committee.