Speaker Shekarchi and President Ruggerio statement about Washington Bridge


Below is a statement from Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi and President Dominick J. Ruggerio on today’s announcement about the rebuilding of the Washington Bridge:


“The closure of the Washington Bridge has caused tremendous disruption to the lives of residents across our state, and particularly those who live and work in the East Bay. First and foremost, we want to commend the members of the East Bay delegations in the General Assembly for their outstanding engagement on behalf of their constituents. They have helped ensure that residents are equipped with as much knowledge as possible, and worked to ease traffic burdens, economic impacts and other disruptions. We will work with our federal delegation to expedite this application for approval under the current Administration in Washington.  We caution that the costs cited today are only estimates, and as we have seen in so many projects, construction costs have often exceeded original estimates.”