RI Senate Leadership Update



Representing one’s fellow citizens is a great responsibility. It requires an enormous commitment, with long hours spent away from loved ones, and many complex, often difficult issues to address.


But public service offers great rewards, as well. It’s an incredible opportunity to help improve the lives of others, hear their stories, and build a better future for our communities.


Senator Roger Picard, who recently announced he has chosen not to seek reelection this year, represents the very best of public service. His commitment to his constituents, his colleagues, and our chamber is unmatched.


His own words, from his retirement announcement, best express what makes Senator Picard special: “To say it has been an honor to represent my neighbors for so long sounds clichéd, but it has been that and so much more. Representing the people of Woonsocket and Cumberland has given me opportunities to have conversations with thousands of people over the years, and what stands out to me is just how much I’ve learned from listening to the perspectives of others.”


This week, we want to recognize Senator Picard’s innumerable contributions to the Senate, the communities he serves, and the State of Rhode Island.


For more than three decades, Senator Picard has represented Woonsocket and Cumberland at the State House, first as a member of the House of Representatives and then in the Senate since 2008.


Senator Picard’s record of legislative achievement is extensive, to say the least. In the General Assembly, he has worked tirelessly to support small businesses, improve health care, promote workforce development, stand up for seniors and veterans, and much more. He has also led efforts to enshrine the right of every child to an “equitable, adequate and meaningful” education in our state constitution.


Senator Picard has also been an invaluable member of our leadership team. In 2021, he was first elected by his colleagues as Senate Deputy President Pro Tempore, a demonstration of the high esteem in which he is held by his peers. On the occasions he was called upon to preside over the chamber, he always did so with the humility, dignity, and great ability that have characterized his entire tenure. And his devotion to our chamber was again on display recently as he stepped forward to succeed our beloved colleague, the late Senator Frank Lombardo III, as Chair of the Senate Committee on Housing & Municipal Government.


We are incredibly fortunate to work alongside Senator Picard, and to call him our friend. As we continue our work together in the final weeks of the 2024 session, we know every member of our chamber feels the same way. 




Donny, Ryan, and Val