Governor McKee, Office of Energy Resources Announce Expansion of Public School Lighting Accelerator Program to All Rhode Island Schools


PROVIDENCE, RI – Governor Dan McKee and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources (OER) announced today the expansion of the Public School Lighting Accelerator Program to all municipalities in Rhode Island. After addressing the needs of schools in the ten original communities and with funds still available, OER is continuing these LED lighting projects in all school districts across the state.


This expanded program will cover 75 percent, or up to $300,000, toward lighting upgrades for the 26 public school districts being added to the program. Schools located within the 10 designated environmental justice communities will continue to receive 100 percent of the project cost. 


“The expansion of this program will provide students and teachers across the state with safe and comfortable learning environments,” said Governor Dan McKee. “These upgrades provide classrooms with adequate lighting with controls that improves the learning experience for both students and teachers while reducing energy costs.” 


“This initiative not only contributes to reducing energy consumption but also promotes long-term cost savings for schools and supports the state's Act on Climate goals,” said Acting State Energy Commissioner Chris Kearns. “We are dedicated to ensuring that every student and teacher across the state has the opportunity to thrive in an engaging and sustainable educational setting.”  


The Public School Lighting Accelerator Program, part of OER’s Lead by Example program, provides technical assistance, procurement support, implementation oversight, and financial incentives to Rhode Island public schools to accelerate the transition to LED lighting with controls in these important buildings. These LED lighting projects can provide immediate energy consumption and cost reductions, reduce public sector carbon footprints, support clean energy jobs, and improve the quality of lighting in classrooms.


The goal of the program is to increase energy efficiency and the comfort of Rhode Island schools and to help communities reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the Rhode Island 2021 Act on Climate. This act establishes mandatory and enforceable, economy-wide GHG reduction targets culminating in net zero by 2050.  


OER’s School Lighting Accelerator program has replaced aging lights with energy-efficient LEDs at 18 completed projects, with 15 more under construction (see complete list below). 


Completed Public School LED Projects (18): 


Central Falls (5): 

Calcutt Middle School 

Ella Risk Elementary  

Raices Elementary 

Veterans Elementary 

Captain Hunt Elementary 


Providence (1): 

Central High School 


Pawtucket (6): 

Agnes Little Elementary 

Fallon Memorial School 

Joseph Jenks Junior High School 

Curtis Memorial School 

Cunningham Elementary 

Pawtucket Annex Elementary 


Woonsocket (4): 

Pothier Elementary 

Harris Elementary 

Hamlet Middle School 

Villanova Middle School 


West Warwick (2): 

Quinn Elementary 

Greenbush Elementary 


Under Construction LED Projects (15):


Providence (7): 

Juanita Sanchez Elementary 

Lima Elementary 

Fortes Elementary 

Feinstein at Sackett 

Branch Avenue School 

Roger Williams School 

Nathaniel Greene Middle School 


Pawtucket (3): 

Samuel Slater Junior High School  

Goff Middle School 

Francis Varieur Elementary School 


West Warwick (4): 

Deering Middle School 

Horgan Elementary School 

Wakefield Hills Elementary School 

West Warwick Senior High School 


Burrillville (1): 

Burrillville High School 


To apply, please visit the School Lighting Accelerator Program.