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March 4, 2018



Motor Vehicle Tax Refund Checks Scheduled

to be Mailed by May 31, 2018

WOONSOCKET, RI: This past legislative session the State of Rhode Island passed legislation for the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Phase-Out. As a result, vehicles with model year 2002 and older are no longer taxable and vehicles with model year 2003 and newer have a 5% reduction in addition to a $1,000 exemption. "I am thankful to our State Representatives and Senators for beginning the process of eliminating the motor vehicle tax and look forward to the continuation during the next legislative session," Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt began. "The Motor Vehicle Phase-Out refunds will result in over $1.33M back into the pockets of Woonsocket taxpayers."

The newly enacted law will benefit over 20,000 vehicle owners. Upon receiving the final reimbursement payment from the State of Rhode Island, the City Tax Assessor will process and mail refund checks. "To date, the State has made two of the three reimbursement payments to the City of Woonsocket as a result of the Motor Vehicle Phase-Out and we expect the final reimbursement payment on or about May 1, 2018," stated City Assessor, Elyse Paré. "Once the total reimbursement of $1.33M is received, outstanding refunds will be mailed; my expectation is that all refunds will be received by May 31, 2018, if not sooner." Taxpayers can refer back to their October Credit or Refund Notice for clarification on specific refund amounts applied.