Each year since 1932 during the month of December, Milk Fund volunteers, civic organizations and local businesses spend time raising funds to help the working poor, unemployed individuals, families of active service men and individuals on a fixed income offset the cost of milk year-round.  We know that if we can offset the rising cost of milk for these individuals, it gives a little more in their pocket for other food and necessities. 


Well, 2017 was no different, in fact, the Milk Fund surpassed last year’s donations, raising over $45,000.


This task could not have been met without the dedication of so many individuals, organizations and businesses that care about their neighbors.  Since its beginning, the Milk Fund has always been about “neighbors helping neighbors.”


On behalf of the Milk Fund, Inc., I want to thank everyone involved…Even with the risk of missing someone, I am going to try say “thank you” to everyone…and I apologize in advance if I do not mention everyone by name or miss someone, but there are so many that deserve our appreciation…this list is not in any order of importance as everyone’s generosity is so very important to the Milk Fund:


To all of the individual donors that represented themselves, a loved one or who were anonymous donors:


To businesses such as The Gym LLC in partnership with Savini’s/Ciro’s and Valley Transportation, who kicked of the Milk Fund season with a fundraiser.


To Trinity Health and Rehabilitation, who held their first-ever fundraiser


To and Jermiane Robinson of Buggd Outt BBQ and Tamara Burman with Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley with their “Soup for Supper;”


To Piette Jewelers and the “Battery Man;”


To Romeo Berthiume and Darin Cooper and their many volunteers for the WOON Milk Fund Auction…and those individuals and businesses that support and offset the cost of the auction on WOON;


To WOON with Dave and Denise and their countless hours of air time and personal time to support the Milk Fund;


Joe Callahan…who raised money for his “Buzz Cut” on WOON;


To businesses such as Hunter Insurance, Soucy Insurance Agency, Neighborhood Health Plan of RI;


To Foundations such as the Hemmingway Hamlin Foundation;


To corporations such as CVS and Garelick Farms/Dean Foods;


To Roger Picard for a Legislative Grant;


To Roger Bouchard and Dave Dean who auctioned breakfast and dinner with the dynamic duo on WNRI;


To Fraternal and civic organizations such as the Woonsocket Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus Freehill Council who partnered with Wright’s Dairy Farm, The local and statewide Masons, The Lions Club, Club Lafayette, Waterview Apartments;


To Gerry, “the Cookie Man;”


To The CALL and Joe Nadeau for their partnership, ad space and regular Milk Fund updates;


To the organizers who put in countless hours delivering and retrieving Milk Fund bottles…Bill Schneck and Gary Lapierre;


To all of those businesses and civic organizations that sold paper Milk Fund bottles with a little healthy competition:  1st - Chan’s Fine Oriental Dining; Tie 2nd - Bellhumer Duhamel American Legion Post 62; Tie 2nd - American Legion Post 7; 3rd - The Broaster House Restaurant; 4th - Li’l General Store on Great Road; 5th - Li’l General Store on Winter Street; Universal Cuts; Elm Street Pizza; Cercle Laurier; Tyra Club; George’s Breakfast and Lunch; Li’l General on Front Street; Club Lafayette; Li’l General on Chapel Street; Shaw’s Meats on Social Street; Li’l General on Cumberland Hill Road; Li’l General on South Main Street; American Legion Post 85;  Elk’s Lodge 850; Li’l General Store on Manville Road; Li’l General Corporate Offices;


To those businesses that had plastic bottles:  Dance Creations; Beef Barn; Piette Jewelers; Bileau’s Flowers;


And, to the greater Woonsocket community that shows their commitment and support to the Milk Fund each year;


In closing, on behalf of those that benefit from the support of the Milk Fund, we recognize their unspoken appreciation to everyone.  Lastly, to the Milk Fund board, who show unwavering dedication to the cause and countless hours throughout the year…THANK YOU… Merci Beaucoup, Grazie, Gracias, arigato, mahalo, dziekuje, khop khun mak kha, danke sehr!


With much appreciation, Lisa M. Carcifero, 2017 Milk Fund Appeal Chairperson