Good morning Mayor,


I heard your comments on UpFront this morning with regard to Resolution 18R23 wherein the Council voted 6-1 instructing you to issue the refunds owed to taxpayers related to the motor-vehicle-phase out.


You indicated that a Resolution was nothing more than an expression of the Coucnil's "feelings" and was something to be ignored.  With all due respect, I would suggest that you develop a hobby of reading - it's never too late.  Specifically, I would encourage you to read the section of the City's Home Rule Charter that prescribes the duties of the Mayor, wherein you will note that "It shall be the duty of the mayor to perform such other duties as may be required of him by ordinance or resolution of the council."


Your callous disregard of your duties (and the taxpayers) is disappointing.


Please note that the State of RI is sending the City roughly $1.3 million in connection with the motor vehicle phase out.  To date, the City has received approximately $900,000 of the $1.3 million.  The refund amounts owed are approximately $400,000  --- less than half of what we have already received from the State.   There is absolutely no reason to hold up the refunds - in fact, they should have been issued in the first quarter of the fiscal year - as the funds do NOT belong to the City.   When a taxpayer is late on their tax payments, the City charges 18% interest.  Here, you are needlessly holding onto taxpayer money, interest free.  It is inexcusable.


I can't help but suspect that if we passed a Resolution instructing you to return the funds by May 31st, you would have     

Thank you,