WOON Manager, Dave Richards, informs listeners that because the NBA Playoff game 4 between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers is possibly the deciding game of the series, WOON is contractually obligated to broadcast it despite our committment to broadcast the regular meeting of the Woonsocket City Council.

"Where in a time jam on this one", said Richards, "What we can do is to broadcast the Celtics game as we are contracted to do over the air on WOON 1240 and join the council meeting in progress as soon as the game is decided, while providing our listeners with the live coverage of the entire council meeting on our website, woonsocketradio.com."  "Those who are cord-cutters or simply do not subscribe to a pay-cable service will still be able to listen to the meeting in its entirety, live.", he added.

"Of course, the meeting will be available in our archive section of the website as soon as it finishes, but the live stream is the best we can do until we are free to switch the Harris Hall microphones on the over-the-air 1240 signal."

"We regret the inconvenience to our listeners and ask they understand that this is the best we can do to honor both committments under the circumstances    ."