May 29, 2018

Rep. Phillips at (401) 762-2010; Sen. Picard at (401) 769-4902


General Assembly OKs legislation streamlining the process to acquire a commercial driver’s license


STATE HOUSE — The General Assembly today passed legislation introduced by Rep. Robert D. Phillips (D-Dist. 51, Woonsocket, Cumberland) and Sen. Roger A. Picard (D-Dist. 20, Woonsocket, Cumberland) that would streamline the process to acquire a commercial driver’s license.

The legislation (2018-H 7251A, 2018-S 2763A) would permit the use of an electronic means of transmission of the medical certificate required for the issuance of a commercial driver’s license by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Under the legislation, the medical certification required prior to the issuance of a commercial driver's license, would be electronically transmitted to the DMV. The process would be accessible through the department’s website by way of a menu item labeled “commercial driver’s license (CDL) medical certificate.”

The measure now heads to the governor’s office.







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