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 Intro to         

For Kids with Little to No Experience.  Should not already belong to or

previously attended any formal dance studio.


~ 12 Week session  ~  $25 for the Session ~

~ Max 15 kids per Age Group ~

                                     ~ Boys and Girls ~


Jazz & Hip Hop Inspired for the Older Kids

Ballet/Creative Dance Movement for the Younger Ones


~  Includes Instruction Time ~ T-Shirt ~ Poms ~

~ End of the Season Performance ~

Classes will be Held at the NeighborWorks MillRace Building at 40 South Main St.

                   Tuesday’s                                                 Thursday’s

   3yrs – 6yrs        7yrs – 9yrs                                   10yrs -13yrs

   5pm – 6pm       6:15pm – 7:15pm                         6:00pm – 7:30pm



Instructor: Destiny Holloway              



REGISTER BY Friday, Feb 22nd


Registration is Easy!  Forms are available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week in a LABELED MAILBOX outside the office at 1117 River St.  There is a LOCKED mailbox there for returns.  I will confirm when we have received your registration.  Woonsocket Residents Only.  Any questions please call Liz Kerrigan 767-9287 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Intro to Dance  


1st Child’s Name: ________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________                                    Age: ______________

Allergies:  ________________________      Inhaler? Yes or No

Experience (circle one):  NONE   /   At home goofing around    /    After School Program  /  At a studio Name & Style_____________

Shirt Size (circle one): Child Small, Medium, Large  &  Adult Small, Medium, Large


2nd Child’s Name:  ________________________________________

Date of Birth:   ____________________                              Age: _____________

Allergies: _________________________     Inhaler?  Yes or No

Experience (circle one):   NONE  /  At home goofing around  /  After School Program /   At a studio Name & Style __________

Shirt Size (circle one): Child Small, Medium, Large  &  Adult Small, Medium, Large


Parent or Guardian: ____________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________

Email Address:  ____________________________________


Second Phone/Emergency: ______________________________________________


*     This is a FUN RECREATIONAL Program consisting of a wide variety of skills and maturities.  We will work on strengthening skills and learning the art of dance.  We will insist on an environment of good role models and Positive peer pressure.  We will work to build individuals in this program UP, through exercise, discipline, coaching, mentoring and our common interest in dance. 

*     Individuals will be given ONE CHANCE and one chance alone.  There will be no name calling, walking off, swearing or disrespect of any kind to anyone.  We are not perfect, but in the interest of keeping this fun for everyone, we can not and will not tolerate unsportsmanlike behavior.  We will expel dancers from the program with no monetary refund for offensive behavior to a dancer, instructor or staff person..  __________ INITIAL HERE!!!!

*     Attendance is crucial to the progression of learning the routines for the final performance, not just for your child but for the entire team.  Excessive absences will have consequences including but not limited to elimination from final performance.  If you foresee an attendance issue, we suggest you wait for another season where it would not be an issue.

*     This program is for kids with Little to no experience.  If your child has attended a dance studio for more than one session, or if they are currently enrolled at a studio – this is not the program for your child. 


X ___________________________________________            _____________________

I have read and understand the above statements                                        date 



$25 per child is due at time of registration.  Must be a city resident. Your child will be given a T-shirt that will be their uniform.  They MUST wear the shirt each week. Exceptions MAY apply occasionally HOWEVER – there they MUST wear it on Performance night.  Additional performance night dress code information will be given to you at a later date