Woonsocket City Council Regular Meeting - Apr 15 2024


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City Council Regular Meeting - Apr 15 2024





Families in Uvalde, Texas are reaching a settlement with the city and county after a gunman opened fire in an elementary school two years ago. Nineteen families will receive a city payout of two-million-dollars. The families say they are capping the money so Uvalde does not go into bankruptcy.        President Biden will host a state dinner at the White House Thursday night for the president of Kenya. The event will honor President William Ruto and mark the 60th anniversary of the U.S. partnership with Kenya, and will feature performances by country star Brad Paisley and the Howard University Gospel Choir. Ahead of the state dinner, a group of nearly 100 Kenyan tech workers have sent President Biden a letter urging him to end what they call modern day slavery in Kenya's tech sector.       Donald Trump will be holding a campaign rally in New York City today. Trump has been staying close to New York lately due to the hush money trial playing out in a Manhattan courtroom. Tonight's rally is scheduled to take place at a park in the South Bronx.       Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is defending his teammate, Harrison Butker. Butker spoke earlier this month at a Catholic college near Kansas City and expressed opinions that some considered sexist and homophobic. In a news conference Wednesday, Mahomes said he didn't necessarily agree with Butker, but defended his character. The quarterback said he's known Butker for seven years and that he's a good person who cares about the people around him.        "Train" founding member and bassist Charlie Colin is dead at the age of 58. Colin died after slipping and falling in the shower while house-sitting in Belgium. The band released a tribute to Colin, saying his "unique bass playing a beautiful guitar work" helped get people to notice the band in San Francisco and beyond.       A senior advisor to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says she's leaving his independent presidential campaign because of what she calls a hateful and divisive atmosphere. Angela Stanton King announced her departure as the campaign's head of Black voter outreach, saying the campaign no longer aligns with her values.