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Mayor Baldelli-Hunt Announces New Playground Equipment Swinging into Action at Dunn Park

WOONSOCKET, R.I.: Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced today that the new playground equipment at Dunn Park is installed and ready to use. The Mayor highlighted that the state-of-the-art equipment was ADA compliant and designed to offer age-appropriate opportunities for children to enhance their physical, cognitive, and social skills, and have fun doing so. Mayor Baldelli-Hunt also disclosed that though the playground equipment at Dunn Park is fully operational, landscaping around the playground will have to wait until this Fall when weather conditions are more suitable for new plantings. Dunn Park is at the intersection of Mason Street and Asylum Street, and is open seven days a week, dawn to dusk.
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt exclaimed, “Our new playground equipment at Dunn Park is beautiful and so well-designed and constructed that it will encourage active and imaginative play for children of all ages.” The Mayor added, “I am so happy we can continue upgrading our parks throughout the City so our children can have positive outdoor play experiences. I am a strong advocate for parks and recreation and recognize their importance in strengthening neighborhoods, improving health, and enhancing our residents’ quality of life.”
Work at Dunn Park included removal of the old, outdated playground equipment, re-grading of the existing area, and installation of the new playground equipment. The new equipment includes a 3-bay swing set, multiple slides, rope climber, see saw, bongos, spring rockers, trapeze rings, ladder loops, chin-up bar, rock climber, and more. The playground surface is an engineered wood fiber material, which is typically used for this application and meets ADA requirements.
Funding for the new playground was provided through Community Development Block Grant CARES money, with in-kind services provided by the Department of Public Works and the Department of Planning & Development.

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