The Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative are ready to execute their second very popular, "Murder at the Museum" fundraiser event.  Let's go back to 1924 in Woonsocket.  Prohibition has driven drinking underground across the nation, but not in the City on the Move.  As one G-man described it, “Woonsocket is wide open,” and Attorney General Carpenter wants that to end. He has demanded that Police Chief Coe crack down on the crime running rampant throughout the City -- but 10 raids have only turned up 7 ounces of booze, and it is becoming clear to the AG that nobody is dropping a dime in Woonsocket.


In hopes of changing hearts and minds, Carpenter is inviting all of Woonsocket’s citizens to a “law enforcement meeting” to urge them to rally the police department to enforce the laws of the nation.  But rumor has it that Adelard “Del” Forcier, proprietor of Rhode Island’s largest and best equipped gambling parlor, is planning a rally of his own that evening. One that will encourage the people of Woonsocket to remain as tight lipped as ever.


With the AG coming to town the same night that Forcier’s trouble boys are planning a bash unlike Woonsocket has ever seen, plenty of people are worried that someone might snitch. And if they do, the evening could turn fatal.


This is your chance to help solve the murder!  Clues will be available in local Main Street businesses that will lead to the name and role of the victim.  Clues are located at the Museum of Work & Culture, Woonsocket Historical Society, Dan's Martial Arts Studio, NY Lunch, Timeless Antiques, Renaissance Tattoo Studio, Trendz, The Art Den, YMCA, and Ciro's Tavern. 


The event will take place on Saturday April 13th, 2019.  A killer buffet dinner will be served by Millrace Kitchen at 40 South Main Street at 6pm and then the event will continue at 42 South Main Street (Museum of Work & Culture) which will start at 8pm.  Cocktails will be served by Ciro's Tavern with a specialty themed drink.  Tickets will be $40 per person for both events, $75 per couple, or only $20 per person for entry at the Museum.  Guests will be able to speak to the suspects and witnesses at the event and asked to identify the murderer at the Museum with one lucky winner who will win a $100 gift card to Christopher's Restaurant at 2 South Main Street.  Guests are encouraged to dress to impress in their favorite 20's attire with a costume contest. 


DWC Chairman Garrett Mancieri says, "There is no better way to spend a Saturday night then to come to downtown Woonsocket and bring your family and friends for a fun night out.  This is a spin to your traditional dinner and show that allows our guests to go back into Woonsocket's history and be a part of the show."   This event is a fundraiser for the Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative which has a mission to unify the community and facilitate the revitalization of downtown Woonsocket.  DWC is a 501c3 organization and tax advantages may apply for the purchase of tickets and sponsorships.  Sponsorships are as follows:  Manslaughter Package ($250) - Two complimentary tickets, two complimentary drink tickets, dinner host with name on menus and welcome sign, custom deck of cards; Second Degree Murder Package ($500) - Four complimentary tickets, four complimentary drink tickets, dinner host on menus and welcome sign, custom mug shot place card; First Degree Murder Package ($750) - Six complimentary tickets, six complimentary drink tickets, VIP host table with name on menus and welcome sign, liquor basket or champagne toast.


Tickets are available on under the events section of the website.  More information can also be found on the DWC Facebook page,   Don't have another lifeless Saturday night and come out for a deadly good time!


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