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Police in Austin say the suspected serial bomber left a video confession before he blew himself up as police closed in. Mark Conditt did not give a motive for the series of bombings that left two people dead and four other hurt over the past month. Police chief Brian Manley said the video was an outcry of a man talking about challenges in his life.        Leaders in the House and Senate have agreed to a one-point-three-trillion-dollar spending bill. The package funds the government through September. It does not include protections for immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children, something Democrats hoped to have in the bill. Congress has to pass the spending bill by midnight Friday.        The Republican in Pennsylvania's recent special congressional election is conceding. Democrat Conor Lamb said Rick Saccone [[ suh-CONE ]] congratulated him and conceded today. Lamb narrowly beat Saccone last week in the race for a seat in the Pittsburgh area. Lamb said he wished Saccone the best and congratulated him for a close, hard-fought race.        Facebook is facing a lawsuit over the scandal involving a company's data collection. Lauren Price of Maryland filed the suit Tuesday on behalf of millions of Facebook users in the U.S. She wants an unspecified amount of damages from Facebook and Cambridge Analytica for improperly gathering personal information without permission.        Actor Fred Savage is facing a lawsuit over accusations of harassment and battery. The woman was working in wardrobe for "The Grinder" and claims she was verbally abused by "The Wonder Years" actor. She alleges that at one point, as she was dusting off his clothing, he became upset and "violently struck" her three times.