Oct 29, 2013



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Posted by: Craig


(Woonsocket, RI) Woonsocket Mayor Leo Fontaine greeted the final approval of the Landmark Hospital sale as one of the most important, if not the most important, news items of the last several years.

As has been reported in the past, Prime Health Care System is the most recent suitor for Landmark Medical Center and the Rehabilitation Center of Rhode Island. As part of its offer to purchase Landmark, Prime did not ask for any requirements or concessions from the City. Prime, which is a for profit hospital holding company with twenty six hospitals in its network, has represented it will do its fair share to support the community as well as make as much as $30 million in investments to improve the hospital, especially its emergency room.

“It is hard to put into words just how important it is that the Department of Health and the Attorney General have signed off on the Landmark deal,” the Mayor said, “after all these years of uncertainty for the employees, patients and people of the City, I am happy and thankful that the authorities have given Landmark the go-ahead and our community hospital will remain open.”

The Mayor continued, “I want to congratulate the Special Master, attorney John Savage, on his capable management of the hospital through years of receivership, and Rick Charest, the chief executive at the hospital, whose persistence and leadership were vital to keeping Landmark operating. Having worked closely with John and Rick over these last years, I know these two men and their staffs spent many long hours doing all of the paperwork and negotiating required to get this deal done, while running a full service hospital. “

“I also want to thank the employees of Landmark, who not only came to the table, but went well above and beyond to help drive this process forward. I hope the over eleven hundred people whose job security is tied to Landmark can rest a little easier now that the deal is done.”

The Mayor went on, “Over these past several years, I have met with many hospital company owners and managers and testified at numerous hearings, as have members of my administration, the General Assembly delegation, and many, many citizens of the City and nearby communities, to support a new owner taking over Landmark and keeping it open for our City. Working together we have accomplished a truly great thing for Woonsocket. I also want to recognize the hard work of Woonsocket Economic Development Director Matt Wojcik and State Senator Roger Picard who have both worked diligently throughout this ordeal.”

Mayor Fontaine has incorporated the prospect of a renewed operation at Landmark into his economic plan for the future of the city. By designating the a radius of space around Landmark Medical Center as a specific medical overlay district, Fontaine hopes to attract new doctors offices and other medical related industry that would support the hospital while generating new jobs and investment for the city. “There is a lot of work that needs to be done yet – we need to press on with the idea that the hospital can help drive the economy of the City, and support it every way we can. If the past several months are any indication, we will be successful.”

“In conclusion, and this is the best saved for last, I want to welcome Prime Health Care System to the City of Woonsocket. Congratulations, and we look forward to working with you.”