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The Trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy remains in the spotlight with Senator Jeff Merkley speaking out against separating illegal immigrant parents from their children. After touring an immigration detention facility in Texas, the Oregon Democrat said it's "completely unacceptable" to inflict trauma on children to send a message to adults. He also said hurting kids for political leverage is "evil." Merkley was joined by other lawmakers like Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen and Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.        At least five people are dead following a high speed Border Patrol chase in South Texas. The SUV that was fleeing Border Patrol agents was going about 100 miles per hour when it flipped in Big Wells, southwest of San Antonio. Twelve of the 14 people riding in the vehicle were ejected from it. Authorities say the driver and one passenger are U.S. citizens, but 12 others were illegal immigrants.       A meeting between a longtime ally of President Trump and a Russian offering dirt on Hillary Clinton during the election is coming under the microscope of the Russia investigation. The "Washington Post" reports Roger Stone met with the man in May 2016. The man wanted two-million-dollars from Trump for the information, but Stone rejected the offer. The Russian never revealed the information he had. Investigators reportedly asked Trump campaign official Michael Caputo about the meeting during a questioning session.        The family of an American jailed in Vietnam wants the Trump administration to help bring him home. Will Nguyen [[ win ]] was arrested June 10th at a demonstration against special considerations aimed at promoting Chinese investment. He allegedly climbed on a police vehicle and urged protesters to defy the police. He was injured during his arrest and his family says Vietnam can hold him indefinitely while they investigate.        California's physician assisted suicide law is back in effect for now. A state appeals court Friday reinstated the End of Life Option Act, which gives people with less than six months to live the option to request lethal treatment options from a doctor. The law had previously been overturned by a lower court on a technicality because of the way it was approved. The new ruling allows the law to stay in place while litigation over the controversial law continues.