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Scores of students from Parkland, Florida are meeting with legislators today to advocate for gun control. The students behind #NeverAgain and the March for Our Lives are urging Congress to ban assault weapons, require universal background checks, and pass a red flag law to remove guns if a person is deemed dangerous. Half a million people are expected to march in the March for Our Lives protest tomorrow, pushing for increased gun control.       The Trump administration is getting closer to banning bump stocks. Bump stocks are devices that make a semi-automatic weapon fire at the rate of an automatic weapon. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is suggesting changes to federal regulations that would define bump stocks as machine guns, which are illegal.        The President is putting his signature on the big catch-all spending bill after threatening to veto it. President Trump said he signed the over one-trillion dollar bill for national security purposes. He also criticized the congressional budget process and said he will not sign a massive spending extension again.        The FBI is looking into a fiery crash at Travis Air Force Base outside San Francisco. Last night, a man crashed his car at the base's main gate. The car was on fire, and the driver was found dead. Investigators say propane tanks and other flammable materials were found inside the vehicle. The driver has been identified as 51-year-old Hafiz Kazi.        Russell Simmons is facing a ten-million dollar lawsuit for an alleged rape in California. A woman identified as Jane Doe filed the complaint today in Los Angeles Superior Court. The lawsuit accuses the hip-hop mogul of raping her in his hotel room after a concert.        Actor William Shatner criticizing Facebook over an ad that said he was dead. Shatner found out about his alleged death Wednesday by a fan on Twitter who tagged the actor saying "I thought you might want to know you're dead." The post included a picture from a sponsored advertisement on Facebook's messenger app that said the Sci-Fi actor was found dead.